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Depicting the thinly veiled sexuality of corporal punishment

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This site depicts fantasy (M/F, F/M, F/F) corporal punishment artwork erotica, and is for adults only. All renders are intended to depict persons at least 18 years of age. If you came here by mistake, or are not of legal age in the State or Country  in which you reside, please exit

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Female Authority Figure Corporal Punishment Art

1 F/M Retro Step Mom (2) School Paddling (3) 4
Prison Guard Practice (5) F/M Retro Caning (6) F/M Sorority Girls (7) F/M Prison Warden (8)
F/M Victorian (9) F/M Domestic (10) from Member's area story (11) Retro Step Mom (12)
13 Fed up teacher (14) 15 How can we not love older women who are into it? (16)
Wicked Cougar (17) 18 19 Members' area preview (20)
More Retro (21) 22 23 24
25 Customer Request (26) Customer Request (27) Member's Area preview
(from "The Governess" storyboard)
Good Ol' Gal Whuppin' (29) 30 31 32
I happen to know that that's involuntary. Rest assured, it won't get you out of what you have coming. (33) I'm going to paddle your cute little butt 'till it's red and raw. (34) From: "Cougar Metes Out a Switchin'", 22 renders/page story in Member's Area. (35) Teacher's Revenge (36)
The Switchin' : Now your backside is going to have a little meeting about that call I got from school today. (37) Maybe some nice red stripes across your ass will teach you to behave. (38) You bet I'll make his bottom squirm. (39) Ladies, justice will be served. (40)
Domina (41) Cougar with a hairbrush 43 From Member's Area illustrated story:
F/M English Public School Caning (44)

F/M Illustrated Stories

Prison Report

women prison guards


Town Comes up with Creative Way to Avoid Jail

women judge
women whipper


I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

I was a fugitive from a chain gang

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