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Other Digital CP Artwork Sites

These sites have artwork that aspires to quality - and are not swamped with a lot of hard sell tacky commercial garbage:

Veralsi has a nice (and extensive) collection of art from various sources (including some posercpart contributions) :

I admire this site's artwork, which is created using DAZ Studiofrom Daz3D.

Want to try your own hand at digital art? Great!, here are links to the products I use:

Here is a sample of digital animation art worth aspiring to:  Daz3D test teaser 3 - YouTube

Free Videos

Doms that are in to it

... every F/M aficionado's dream of a good time.


(You might need a Chrome or Android browser to view this one)

Fun, matter of fact caning interview and demonstration:

Ms. Servalan Cane Class @ DomConLA taken by Mistress Ellen

A Dom that can really swing a strap:

Canadian Corporal Punishment

A woman that just loves to whip a guy's bottom:

6 Beatings in 6 Days
Subs that are in to it

No spanking, but Amber sure knows how to bounce her bottom to a belt or a switch:

Spank Amber Video 1

Not much spanking, but what a lead up

Sometimes the Secretary Just Wants to Be Spanked
Landlord arrested for whuppin tenant for late rent
Naughty girl moves nicely to the belt
Just plain downright sexy

Found these gif somewhere.
It is very, very good DAZ Studio work.
Found this gif somewhere.
Found this gif somewhere.
She humps those pillows nicely.
It's not hard to imagine that it's because she's gettin' a whuppin'.
Another find.
Done right, after the first few licks a gal's buttocks will wobble from the impact of a well placed strap and then uncontrollably to ward off the sting.

Some gals like to watch a shapely set of buttocks getting their comeuppance.

A couple of F/M Nuwest-Leda classics in which the ladies can actually swing a strap.

Always liked this one:

Eric Prydz - Call on Me
I love cougars! (no cp here but the F/M setups are too good)

A great setup - she should have paddled him:
(reminder to self: illustrate this someday)

Shameless, Meet Helene

Anyone recognize this movie?
If so, please email info@posercpart.com with the title and/or link

This is a great scene that I couldn't find again on YouTube.
In this clip, the woman is reproaching the boy for not doing his French homework - and then lying to her about it.

Realistic Sex Dolls
The switchin'
Couldn't help but Photoshop in some stripes across this naughty girl's bottom.


These dolls are getting more and more realistic.

Here's a sample YouTube video link
and here's another link and yet another.

Here's a humorous reviewof the whole sex doll thing.

But beware!, here is a review by someone who tried to start a sex doll brothel, so he was buying these things in quantity. Some firms and suppliers have defective merchandise and/or ship you a doll that's nothing like what you ordered.

The Doll House in San Antonio Texas Advises:
  • The facial expression of the dolls is fixed, but the eyes can move from side-to-side.
  • The spine can move from side-to-side.
  • Shrugging shoulders (which seem like a "must") are usually around a $70 option.
  • There are two types of skin: silicone and TPE.
  • Silicone dolls are:
    • About $500 to $1500 more expensive than TPE dolls.
    • Hold up over time and abuse better.
    • Require less maintenance -but- silicone dolls have a sheen to their skin and don't jiggle like TPE dolls.
  • A belt or 3/8" flexible rod (used for caning/switching) would most likely not damage a doll's backside (but this has not been tested!)
    • The TPE doll's bottom will jiggle more from a whuppin'
      • But this is another thing that should be tested and posted as a video.

You can contact The Doll House via email at: rickyadames@the-doll-house.com

More free videos

Clips for Sale (lots of previews)
Clips for Sale: M/F
Clips for Sale: F/M
Clips for Sale: F/M Cruel Mistresses
Clips for Sale: Paddling
Clips for Sale: Caning
Clips for Sale: Corporal Punishment

Clips for Sale: Uncle Bob's Woodshed

Spanking Tube
RGE Films

All around very good general sites

Getty Images





bexhill school

over the desk

Neville Moore's illustrated stories on the "Over the Desk" site can be foundhere


Other Good F/M Sites

Someones Gonna Get It








In the News

Spiegel April 2017

Relationship Tips: "You must show him what's what."
(German women can be so cool!)

Stern April 17, 2016

In the News: The Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasiya Kvitko is a 17 year old Russian model whose career is just taking off.

Modeling Pause

Model or not, Russian schools are strict and 17 year old schoolgirls showing attitude get their rear ends caned.
Poor Anastasiya. It seems that her school director got a little carried away when called upon to discipline her gorgeous backside.
And who could blame him? He was only doing his duty.
Attitudes brought on by success at such a young age must be firmly dealt with, lest she be ruined by it for life.
The girl had to wait a full three weeks (for the welts across her ass to fade) before she could resume her modeling.

cane pic


Ok, this last part was just a little fantasy embellishment.
But if any members want to see it expanded into an illustrated story, just send me an email.


Stern October, 2015

In the News: Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume

While Heidi dressed up as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween, with that figure she would have made one helluva naughty schoolgirl.

cane pic

heidi klum halloween
Spiegel August 10, 2014

In the News: Boss Lady

My German is a little weak, but I think her job is to encourage team playing!

boss lady

Politics & Prudery

Dreams of Spanking
As a famous 1939 song goes: "There will always be an England, and England shall be free"... not really. not any more...
pandora blake

The UK recently introduced draconian new restrictions on online porn - demonstrating that the UK is NOT in an enlightened area of the world that regards adult oriented material as a personal matter, let alone a legal right. Recently in fact, someone got into serious legal trouble bringing a NuWest-Leda DVD into the country

Pandora is courageously challenging them. Please help support her efforts by clicking on the image on the left and buying something from her site. Thanks!

Pandora on TV
porn the other side


This study slices like a laser through all the fog of rhetoric, disinformation, bias, and fear that has long enveloped all discussions of the subject of pornography...

the visual alone


Men and the power of the visual

Any ladies out there care to comment or offer posercpart website advice? info@posercpart.com


Nu-West/Leda : The Original Trailblazer

Nu-West produced their first video in 1982, and is the oldest and largest producer of spanking and corporal punishment related videos in the world.


In memory of the Ed Lee I knew, the founder of Nu-West
The latest on NuWest (2015-03-29)


Favorite Blogs

An interview with guess who:
Cherry Red Report Interview

Paul Meadows Interview


Some Quotes:

Pornography, after all, has always been designed for sexual arousal followed by masturbation. Anti-pornography laws are not laws about protecting people against obscene language or immoral thoughts and images, they are laws designed to prevent masturbation, plan and simple.

– From Dan Agin, "An Evil Age: An Essay on Marriage and Sex in the Victorian Era"

"The function of the artist is to make people like life better than before."

– From Kurt Vonnegut, "If This Isn't Nice, What Is?"

"There is nothing so depressing as to watch an uninspired stripper. It is the lowest form of degradation. The good ones, one the other hand, are a pleasure to observe. Nothing can stop the richness of their souls from coming to the surface. It almost gives you an erection to be in the presence of a woman who so fully appreciates the power of her sex."

– From Paul Auster,"Report from the Interior"

"The couple resumed where they had left off in June, ... and reminding her that bodies were 'something terrific' "

– From Lara Feigel,"The Bitter Taste of Victory"