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Custom Spanking Digital Art

Depicting the thinly veiled sexuality of corporal punishment

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This site depicts fantasy (M/F, F/M, F/F) corporal punishment artwork.

All renders are intended to depict persons at least 18 years of age.

This site is for adults only.
If you came here by mistake, or are not of legal age in the State or Country  in which you reside, please exit

ANNOUNCEMENT: The second F/M graphic novel of the Aunt Rita trilogy has just been published
The first graphic novel The second graphic novel
A Visit to Aunt Rita's
Released: March 2011

A rewrite of a
1980s Nu-West comic, which was done in partnership with Ed Lee of

Rita's domineering ways have left her unmarried, and she manages to repress a volatile set of emotions when her sexual frustration is combined with a responsibility to discipline her nephew. Getting him out of a scrape with the law however, leads her to a similar group of women - who have discovered just how powerful an outlet authority can be.

Aunt Rita and the Women's Reform League
Released: January 2015

This is a continuation of "A Visit to Aunt Rita's", in which Rita goes on to befriend the group of women supervising the local criminal justice system. Taking inspiration from Victorian classics such as "Venus in Furs" and set in the modern era, these women hold views which more than justify their activities.

Details and ordering are via Amazon  and  Barnes and Noble.   Quantity orders available from CCB Publishing.

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M/F, F/F Digital Art Samples

Circa 1890 2 Judicial Caning Showing off her "Garden Gate Eight"

Paying for too many unpaid traffic tickets

6 Work Farm 8 Resistant at first ... ...but then she gets into it
White dress 12 Retro Victorian Prison Caning Frontier Justice
Don’t be so nice to me, said the girl with a grin. I like it hot, with a dash of spice thrown in 17 18 19 Victorian Brothel, faded stripes from a workhouse caning

Sample Illustrated Fantasy Stories

Strict Schools

Miss Cootie's Confession (Victorian)

paddled buttocks.jpg


Step Guardian in the News

Victorian Workhouse

naughty girl caned.jpg

workhouse woman strips.jpg


Judicial Prison Alternative

tight skirt.jpg

judicial punishment.jpg

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