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Parents, Shopping for Discipline, Turn to Tough Schools

The World Wide Association Of Programs and Schools (WWAPS or WWAP) is an organization based in Oklahoma, in the United States. WWAPS was founded by Robert Field and was incorporated in 1998. WWAPS states that it is an umbrella organization of independent institutions for education and treatment of troubled teenagers, all operating in accordance with WWAP guidelines. The programs are run by a small group of businessmen based in St. David, Oklahoma, under the banner of the World Wide Association of Programs and Schools, or Wwaps, and Teen Help, the programs' main marketing arm.

sgq1-01.jpg I attended a strict WWAP private school, where the paddle was in regular use, and girls between the ages of 13 to 18 were regularly punished. I'd guess that twelve swats was a typical paddling. I was paddled more times than I can remember throughout my time there. The school had a dress code that allowed dresses and skirts only (no trousers), and paddlings were always given on the backside with dress/skirt hem lifted up. When a girl was to be punished, the teacher would fill out two forms. One would go to the office and describe the nature of the offense and the sentence (how many swats or strokes). The other would go to the discipline officer, and just had the strokes. A girl had up to two weeks to appeal to the principle (who could override the teacher's sentence) or if unsuccessful, report to the office. Paddlings were conducted late on Friday afternoons (presumably to give you the weekend to recover).

sgq1-02.jpg When you showed up, you had to hand the student assistant/secretary your "sentencing" paper.

One of my girlfriends had this job.   After each student went in, she could hear the muffled bang of the swats.

sgq1-03.jpg Sometimes on a Friday there were several girls in the queue who had been sent up to the office to be paddled.

The girl on the left has not been paddled before and appears nervous.   The middle girl will be paddled for her chronic violations of the school dress code.

sgq1-04.jpg "Vicki, please come in and close the door behind you."   They were always polite

sgq1-05.jpg "Vicki, you have been sentenced to a twelve swat paddling. Have you anything to say?"

sgq1-07.jpg sgq1-06.jpg "Couldn't we just forget about this?"

"I'm sorry, Vicki. You've violated the rules, and you must pay your debt."

"Bend over the desk and raise the hem of your skirt."


While the school's disciplinary policy was generally accepted, I feel I must be clear on one point:

When a girl was sent up for a paddling, with the hem of her skirt up, bent over the desk, the backside of a more mature girl was often just a bit too large for the regulation school panties. The undersides of her bottom cheeks would be sticking out and exposed.

I have seen how a girl's bottom bounces when it is paddled. I myself have twisted and writhed over the desk to dispel the sting.

I think that because of this, some of the administrators would paddle awfully hard.

After a typical dozen swat paddling, the girl would be sporting a nice red bullseye on the lower portion of each of her buttocks.

It would be a week or two, before they'd be gone.

sgq1-13.jpg sgq1-12.jpg Different girls react differently to a paddling. For most, it's a rare if ever occurance.   Others seem incorrigible however, and are at the office every month or two.

"Honest Sir, I've learned my lesson.   I won't cut classes anymore."

If there are others waiting, the administrator will ask the last girl to send in the next, often while she is still rubbing her stinging bottom.

sgq1-14.jpg " ...please send in the next girl."

"So here I am, trying to tell poor Tricia that she's next - and all that slutty Bobbi Sue wanted to know was how hard he was swinging today, and how many swats I'd gotten."