a www.posercpart.com (adults only please!) fantasy illustrated story


Miss Cootie's Confession (illustrated excerpt)


"It's for your own good, you know. Now no more nonsense, I must do my duty and get this business over with. Now slip off your dress" said the General.

Turning my head, I saw the old man, his face beaming with stern admiration as my dress fell to the floor.

He had plopped himself in the chair to look on at his ease while I lowered my skirts.


"First class figure Rosa; now over the table with you."

I recalled his words from the other evening:

"You must prove your diligence in the future, or your posterior will feel the sting of the rod I shall have ready for you."

My bottom tingled as I eyed the thin cane awaiting me.


He treated me like a cat which knows the poor mousy cannot escape, but may be pounced upon at any time.

Tied down, exposed to both his lustful gaze and helplessly positioned for the business at hand, I awaited punishment.