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Traffic Ticket Alternative

Alternative Traffic Ticket Program

Traffic violators in good health can take advantage of a new voluntary experimental program designed for those who would otherwise have trouble meeting monetary traffic fine obligations.

Under this program, strokes will be applied to the denuded posterior in lieu of fines. This procedure does not require complete nudity. Clothing which covers the genital areas can be maintained and one piece swimming or body suits are encouraged. The cut of the suit however, must allow the buttocks to be exposed.

The stokes are administered with either a smooth leather strap or a switch. The number of strokes are relative to the size of the fine. At no time will the skin be broken. Violators undergoing this procedure can expect soreness and red marks which last up to three weeks.


But I can't afford a $300 traffic fine!

Her lawyer advised her to accept punishment under the alternative program


"My bottom's too big" she thought, wondering what it would be like when they whipped her.


"You've been sentenced to twelve strokes.
Please position yourself over the bench"

While the first few were not too hard to take, around the sixth stroke she started moving quite smartly to ward off the sting.



As she slipped on her jeans, the evenly spaced welts she sported across her ass had no criss-crossing. She had received a fine whipping.

... but 8 months later she was back in court for the exact same thing.

Normally they assign 18 strokes for a second offense, but the judge was in a hurry to move on to the next case. On not much more than a whim, the judge dismissively declared "24 strokes, next case".

"Oh Please!" she begged. But the judge would hear nothing of it.


She had been here before, and knew the routine.


After the first dozen, to ward off the sting each new stroke had her wealed ass humping up and down like a mad woman.


"Oh please! - don't whip me anymore! I'll do anything!"

... 18 strokes would have been plenty.

Those 6 extra strokes, so casually assigned at whim, had to be delivered over an already welted and sore bottom.