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The World Wide Association Of Programs and Schools (WWAPS or WWAP) is an organization based in Oklahoma, in the United States. WWAPS was founded by Robert Field and was incorporated in 1998. WWAPS states that it is an umbrella organization of independent institutions for education and treatment of troubled teenagers, all operating in accordance with WWAP guidelines.

The programs are run by a small group of businessmen based in St. David, Oklahoma, under the banner of the World Wide Association of Programs and Schools, or Wwaps, and Teen Help, the programs' main marketing arm.

woman remembers school days

I attended a strict WWAP private school, and the girls there were between the ages of 13 to 18. Although the paddle was only used occasionally, just the threat of being sent to the office lent itself to better behavior and greater academic effort than might otherwise had been achieved. A few girls however, seemed chronically incorrigible, and wound up being punished more or less regularly. I'd heard that twelve swats was a typical paddling.

I was only paddled once during my attendance there...

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